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What we must do according to Vatican II
    The Second Vatican Council, in its document on the instruments of social communications, Inter Mirifica, urged establishment of new radio and television stations, saying:
"Likewise, decent radio and television programs should be effectively supported, especially those suited to the family. Ample encouragement should be given to Catholic transmissions which invite listeners and viewers to share in the life of the Church and which convey religious truths. Catholic stations should be established where it is opportune..."
(No. 14)

"It would be shameful if by their inactivity Catholics allowed the word of God to be silenced or obstructed by the technical difficulties which these media present and by their admittedly enormous cost. For this reason the Council reminds them that they have the obligation to sustain and assist Catholic newspapers, periodicals, film-projects, radio and television stations and programs."
(No. 17)l.

What John Paul II said about Catholic Radio

“Radio offers perhaps the closest equivalent today to what Jesus was able to do with large groups through his preaching. Radio is an intimate medium which can reach people on the street, in their cars or in their homes. Radio may well be the most cost -effective means of reaching large numbers of people who may lack exposure to Catholic publications - but will be willing to eavesdrop on Catholic radio stations or programming.”
"How might the media work with God rather than against him?"
Pope John Paul II

"... The very evangelization of modern culture depends to a great extent on the influence of the media."
Pope John Paul II - Redemptoris Missio (1990)