For almost seven years a Not-for-Profit corporation of dedicated, devout lay people, namely; HAIIL HOLY QUEEN COMMUNICATIONS (HHQ) has researched our Goal, of putting a Full-Time radio station on the air, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Charter is dedicated to provide programming that will be in line with the teachings of the Magisterium of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

To do this, it takes two sources of funds, purchase and operational.

The purchase funds must be available when an offer is made.
Operational funds can be received by donations, of the parishioners who are receiving the signal in their homes.

Over the years we have received a number of offers to purchase a radio station. However detailed studies, rejected them - for the following reasons; Overpriced, station facilities that were old and not serviceable, signal did not sufficiently cover the Diocesan area, air time was limited to daylight operation only, high charges for property leases and for many other technical and financial reasons.

STEWARDSHIP to us, is as important in making a proper purchase, as operating a station in a strict financial manner after the purchase. Your financial assistance demands our deepest respect for your investment to us.

The Radio industry has always been a highly overpriced market investment, much of it, due to programming promotions, which we will not be using.

At the present time, due to the financial crisis, and lack of advertising dollars, stations are being offered at much lower prices and we expect to see it continue. In other words, it has started to become a buyers market.

Now to the Nitty gritty; When we make a decision to accept or make an offer, we must have funds available or financial arrangements to complete the transaction in normally ninety days.

HHQ does NOT want funds given to us for the purchase, until they are needed to complete the transaction. if for some reason the deal is not completed, the Donor’s funds will be returned. Thereby, assuring the Donor of the proper use of his or her gift.


At the present time, there are nine other Protestant stations in the area, although Catholics out number all other faiths, we do not have any radio representation.

The Board of HHQ has worked diligently (thousands of hours), invested our own money to cover operating costs and we have prayed constantly for success.

Now we appeal to the Catholic Faithful of Northern Ohio to assist us in this great Spiritual Crusade that is so badly needed.

At this time, we need large money Pledges from Donors, who can provide us with the funds, when they are needed.

What better legacy can you have, knowing that your gift will be used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, now and in the future?

Can you help us? If so please call (216.432.3535) or (216.291.1766) we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Attached is a list of our Board Members and our Mission Statement describing our Apostolate?

Thank you,

Yours in Jesus Christ and our Holy Queen,

Alvin A. Stumpf


Mission Statement

Hail Holy Queen Communications is a private, non-profit corporation, dedicated to the transmission of the Catholic faith via various media. The Second Vatican Council made it clear that Catholics are encouraged to use the modern forms of social communications to announce the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, to propagate and defend the truth, and to secure the permeation of society by Christian values. The Catholic Church's Decree on Social Communications encourages the use of the broadcast media, the printed word, and the cultural media (e.g., the cinema and theatre) to help disseminate the gospel.

Since the publication of this document, the computer revolution has added another element in the arsenal of media technology that can be employed by Catholics, accordingly. Hail Holy Queen Communications seeks to put into practice the farsighted vision of the fathers of the Second Vatican Council in order to communicate the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith and to help people grow in their understanding of Jesus and His Church.

To achieve this goal, Hail Holy Queen Communications will begin by striving to bring Catholic radio programming to the greater Cleveland area. The Decree on Social Communications states: "Religious programs that utilize all the resources of radio and television enrich people's religious life and create new bonds between the faithful. They help in religious education and in the Church's active commitment in the world. They are bonds of union for those who cannot share physically in the life of the Church because of their sickness or old age. In addition, they create new relationships between the faithful and those people ... who have no affiliation with any Church and yet subconsciously seek spiritual nourishment..." (#150).

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (as of 01-04-2009)

Alvin A. Stumpf, President (216:432-3535, cell: 216:773-4966)
Edward F. Winters, Vice President 216.291.1766)
Julie A. Jordan, Secretary. Treasurer
Fr. Sean Donnelly, Spiritual Advisor and Pastor of Immaculate Conception Church, Madison, Ohio
John Marra, Jr.
William F. Schneeberger
Ric Costello